As asked in English class “Have you defined your existence or have you allowed it to be defined by others?”

I think when it comes to certain things, each person has their own way of completing the task. But that will change once one is not alone, and one’s actions are affected by the others around him/her. One’s judgement will especially be clouded by others if he/she is not comfortable with the final outcome of the decision, or the choices they will have to make to achieve that result.

With that in mind, I cannot say that I’ve swayed one way over the other. If I get put into a situation where I have no previous experience or background knowledge in, I cannot be comfortable with what I should or should not do. But I also think that we have little choice in making our own decisions, considering we’ve been suppressed by our parents, educational system, and government from the cradle to the grave. We go to school for six hours a day, then we have to go home and listen to our parents ramble on and on about what we should do in our future. When we do have free time, we explore what ever we like, but an air of restraint is still over our unassuming heads made by the law system in which we support to protect society. So again, it all comes back to awareness, and the flip side, ignorance. Of course, it is totally impossible to be aware of every single action that is happening, but if we knew more, then we could apply that experience to future situations and finally be able to define ourselves the way we want.