The moon is always orbiting our tiny blue planet, but only one side of the moon is viewable from Earth; and as we look at the starlit sky, we can only see this pervasive side of the moon, 365 days a year. Most people know of this fact, but very few actually consider what the other side looks like.

Does this attitude seem familiar?

Our western civilization is so stuck in this omnipresent veil of ignorance, that we blindly ignore what is happening in our world. Oh sure, we have our morning coffee and read the newspaper, but it is so restricted to minor current events that happen in our city, and when there actually is something big, we tend to skip to the other easy sections: sports, weather, comics, etc. Maybe it’s our lack of unawareness, or maybe we simply think that it is too far away to care. But this attitude is simply degrading our society so much that we have totally come to a sense of carelessness.

Ignorance is bliss they say. I have to totally agree. I would not have anything to concern myself with if I had the awareness of a brick, wouldn’t that be wonderful. Too bad… School, friends & family, and sports: all the contributors to making me live a troubled life. Yet, without school, I would not be here writing this piece of writing; without friends & family, I would not have the moral support to live my life; without sports, I would not be able to stay actively fit. I have to consistently concern myself with getting good grades, playing the best game I can, and being the best person I can. But I am just another sheep, being unconsciously hurdled into mainstream civilization. They’ve made us so careless about what is happening that we do not have the mentality to question it. But who is “they” you ask? Are they not just people who have received the same treatment as us, and not dared to confront it?

So what makes this generation of people different from all others? Well, the human population is growing exponentially, but we only have one earth. This generation will have to make decisions that will greatly change the outcome of the earth, and we could be the ones who end the world, by consuming all of its resources. We have consumed more resources than we’ve ever consumed in the past, starting controversies over non-renewable resources. Such is the case with Canada and USA. America has gone into Arabian countries to “find weapons of mass destruction and maintain peace”; due to American production of CO2 to be the greatest in the world, by the consumption of fossil fuels. Canada is greatly pressured to let other countries tap its great source of fresh water. Canada and USA just don’t mix, it’s like water and oil. These are only issues that concern North America, but everyone else is being affected. Many people actually do know of this catastrophe, because they are willing to learn what will happen to the world after they are gone. The outlook for raising more awareness is not totally bleak, as our capacity for world knowledge can still grow. That is why we have news on TV, so we can learn what is happening around the world.

However, the viewers choose to watch more “dramatic” television opposed to the “boring” news. Could the media be the wall in front of our eyes of the twenty-first century?  I think it is that we choose to watch shows that are entertaining opposed to ones that would make us feel bored, but informed.

‘There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year’s course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word “happy” would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness’ – Carl Jung

What is extreme happiness without extreme sorrow? Achieving total ignorance has made us emotionless zombies, without the ability to feel what real pain is, and enjoy the lust of joy. What has happened to our society??!?!

My last hypothesis is that we are just simply too lazy to care. We conclude that caring about something so far away would drain us of our livelihood. Look at what the world is doing. We are trying to exploit everything, to raise the efficiency of producing results which are favourable to us. But what does more efficiency equal? Less initial work, this would lead to more time to do other things, like being lazy. In this fast economy, our attention spans are growing shorter, so we can “multi-task” and complete more things in a shorter time period. We’ve been trained to do this our whole lives, and will continue to master this ability. And due to this ability, we simply do not have the skill to worry about such things that have happened for so long on this planet. Now, laziness and ignorance are a common sight in the vessel of our lives, making us take in more water by the minute.

The impossibility of asking everyone to be aware is highly impossible, but we can do our best, because that is how humanity has survived so long. If one cannot get others to listen, then one should at least gain the satisfaction of enlightening themselves. Once others have come to the realization that there is an enormous problem amidst, then they will have to listen, to hear your voice, and follow you to a path of wisdom and enlightenment.