Oh no, the holidays are here, and all the family will come to enjoy the festivity together with us. We shall go out to  buy presents and make a lavish dinner that no one can finish. We will cut down a tree and put hundreds of dollars of decorations on it to make it stand out. Also, lets max out the credit card to buy the most extravagant gifts that we saw on commercials.

Don’t call me a pessimist for pouring salt into the wounds of reality, but facts are facts. And people need to think about what the reality really is.

How many holidays are there in a year? Uh… Valentines, Easter, Thanks Giving, Halloween, Christmas, and Boxing Day. There are many more, but those are the ones where we tend to spend a little more cash than usual. All for what though? To achieve the intangible love that comes with it. With christmas coming so soon, and boxing day just after, we as a society are especially susceptible to new ideas given out by commercials to make our loved ones happy. Only the best presents for that special someone, and if they don’t like it, it will be returned the next day. But where did it start?

The reason for christmas is to commemorate the birth of Jesus, as a Christian holiday, yet everyone celebrates it like their second birthday. A secret ploy set by the media, as an excuse to spend money, “make that someone happy with this new sleek item”, because you know, happiness can only be bought and experienced over these few days. And when we hear the word “christmas” drifting in the air, we immediately start thinking about what we should buy, to make everyone around you happy.

I think it really just comes down to the way of tradition, and how we got raised. We grow up our lives, and each year, we go through the same celebrations. These facts of what to do when just get hammered into our minds like an invisible nail. We fear losing christmas and other holidays, because they have happened every day of our short lives, and simply could not be replaced because heck, we have not experienced anything new. Not only with a lack of knowledge, but also social pressures. No one wants to say they aren’t doing christmas this year, or ” I’m not buying any presents for my kids”. This policy is so strict, that if you waver just a bit, people will ostracize you from their lives.

All in all, christmas is just another holiday were we can express our love through money.

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