One more week, and many more tests. 3 chemistry, 1 law, 1 english, 2 physics. I am slowly dying on the inside from all of this work and studying, but let’s be honest, we are all dying from the moment of birth. Has this experience shortened my life span? Most likely. Will I remember most of what I learned? Most likely not.

However, this was a very humbling time, with wisdom just being thrown around like oxygen. The ability to talk freely with people who have been underrated in the intelligence department was interesting. Being able to express writing style in a medium in which this generation has grown up with is a new experience as well. The people who constituted this class was also acceptable, without too many of them extroverts of course.

The best part of this was moving away from tradition. Watching movies in class, having been pushed to look past the wow and glamour, dissecting literature like there is no tomorrow. No, there is no right answer. There will never be a right answer, only an opinion. This opinion was not given to us, so we had to forge it ourselves. The norm was left to rot, as grammar sheets and what’s important and why was replaced by discussions and a small form of classroom democracy, where everyone had the freedom to express one’s thoughts. Lessons learned from this class have been exceptionally beneficial and will definitely be an asset for the future. I look forward to this class everyday because I know there will always be something interesting happening. Was this class easy though? I don’t think I could come up with an answer to that. But, time for the cons now…

Consistency and organization would have been better to help the flow of this course. The composition was also a little bit lacking, taking too much time on a certain thing would take time away from another(isn’t this how it always is?). This could be blamed on the short semester, but I am not one to point fingers.  Blending didn’t really work either, the subjects were suddenly transitioned from one thing into the next, with little or no connections. Constructive Criticism TIME has ArIvEd!!1!-

My biggest problem was trying to find good inspiration to keep writing. Writing is definitely not a strong suite of mine, well, nothing is, but the point is that there should always be something to write, draw, or think about. Perhaps it was all of the other work outside of this class, and all the rushing that all these other teachers are trying to do just to complete their curriculum. All this shows is that they try to load too much into one semester, that if there are any days where school is closed, the student’s must take their own time outside of their own life to finish what should of been done in class if the time was given (especially having 3 days of physics in 1 hour). The class kind of died at the end once the big assignment loomed over us all. Many improvements to be made, but A for effort.

If the decision arises to ever take this class again, the answer would be simple and instantaneous. If this class was not part of my life, then I would just be another person, another one of THEM. Enlightened, yes. Aware, somewhat. Changed, very much so. Hopefully, this will affect my future judgements.

Hopefully I can leave my mark in the world.






Am I a pessimist for thinking that no matter what someone does, there will always be someone else that  fucks  messes it up?

Math needs to grow the hell up and start solving it’s own problems.